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Volunteer Opportunities

Get Involved

Volunteer Opportunities

Pre-pandemic RISE was fortunate to host several community volunteers inside Nebraska's state prison facilities to help with one-on-one coaching during RISE In-Prison Program milestone events. Unfortunately, due to obstacles beyond RISE's control, those opportunities and processes have changed. 

Security clearance forms (called NCIC's) and a one-hour volunteer training session from the Department of Corrections are required by the DOC to volunteer with RISE inside a prison facility. This process can take nine months or more (please don't let this deter you). If you have not volunteered with RISE within the last year, you must go through these steps and will have to do so again each year following.

If you're interested in volunteering inside, our recommendation is to get your security clearance forms completed now so you'll be ready when we have the approval to bring in larger groups of volunteers. To get that process going, please email Volunteer Relations Manager, Chantal Wentz, here.

So what can you do right now?

  • Volunteer to review resumes, personal statements, and business ideas during our Online Coaching events! You can see those details below.
  • Share our mission on social media!
  • Start using people-first language (we don't work with inmates, cons, felons, etc. - we work with people).
  • Support our mission with a monetary donation.
  • "Give supportive space" during our community-based events for the RISE Youth & Family Program and the RISE Business Academy!
  • Ask RISE to speak at your event, conference, church, Rotary Club, panel, college, etc. 
  • Get involved in policy and advocacy! We can't change records, but we can change the policies that impact them!

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

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