Virtual Coaching Event

FAQ & Daily Dashboard

An Important Note
Thank you so much for volunteering with RISE for our virtual "event" of sorts! We appreciate your excitement to act so quickly and to give your time!

As you all are experiencing in your own lives, things change nearly by the hour. We are also working through these things. Not only as an organization, but as individuals and families. Additionally, we work with the Nebraska Department of Corrections to assure RISE programming can take place inside facilities as best as possible. 

All of that to say, timelines for our virtual "event" will and should be expected to change. Please use this dashboard and FAQ to keep up to date on the current status of this event and what to expect.

THANK YOU, from the bottom of our hearts, for your patience! We appreciate you all so much!

Daily Update

May 8, 2020 (11:30am) - RISE staff is working to get cover letters, resumes, personal statements, and business ideation documents sent out to volunteers today! Your continued patience is appreciated as these emails get sent throughout the day!


May 6, 2020 (1:15pm) - RISE staff has been scanning and preparing documents to be grouped together and are in the prepping phases of sending out to volunteers. Once all of the documents have been pieced together in the best way possible, emails will be going out! Thank you for your patience!


April 28, 2020 (6:55pm) - RISE staff has sent out the first round of documents to volunteers! Documents are being sent out in clusters as each facility is experiencing changes and fluctuating deadlines for having feedback received. Our first cluster from OCC has been sent.

If you have received documents, please have your feedback complete and submitted by Friday morning, May 1st.

If you have not yet received documents, please be patient as we await documents coming to us from Lincoln. You will be receiving documents in the next few weeks!

We're excited to consider this 'event' in progress and ongoing! Thank you for your continued patience!


April 27, 2020 (3:00pm) - RISE staff is collecting the last six sets of documents this evening from the Omaha Correctional Center. Files from Builders at the Nebraska State Penitentiary are being collected at 5:30pm today before RISE's first Zoom class for Peer Facilitators at the Lincoln Correctional Center!


April 23, 2020 (12:30pm) - RISE staff is in the process of receiving resumes, cover letters, personal statements and business ideation documents from Builders inside the Omaha Correctional Center (OCC) and the Nebraska State Penitentiary (NSP).

Due to ever-changing class structure, a new deadline for Builders to complete and turn in their documents is now end of class time - Monday, April 27th at 9:30am.

Because our RISE Staff is not able to physically be inside class due to coronavirus safety precautions, it will take a few hours for the handwritten documents to be delivered to our staff. When received, RISE staff will be scanning them into our database and assigning them to our volunteers (that's you!).

In the meantime, standby! We will send these documents as soon as they are all received. Again, thank you for your patience!

Frequently Asked Questions

• I didn't attend the ZOOM training, may I still participate?
You bet! You can still participate if you have registered on our website but missed the Zoom!

You may watch the recording of it here.

You may also refer to the guidelines in the Volunteer Pack that was emailed to you. If you did not receive a Volunteer Pack, please request a new one here.

• When can I expect to have my assigned Builders' resumes, cover letters, personal statements, and business ideations?
You will be receiving an email from Chantal Randall crandall@seeusrise.org (RISE Volunteer Manager) tentatively between Wednesday, April 28th, 2020 and Friday, May 1st. This email will include your assigned Builders' resumes, personal statements, cover letters, and business ideations. Please check the above dashboard for updates.

With these attached articles, you also receive an internet link to a Google Form. This form will ask questions regarding each article and is where you will be providing feedback. The due date to have your feedback will be sent to you

• What all do I need to give my feedback and participate in this virtual event?
It's easy! If you're already registered for this event, you only need a computer, internet access, and dedicated time to focus. Grab a snack, cup of coffee, and a comfy chair!

• Will the Coaching Event be an actual day in which we interact with Builders in a virtual environment? If not, what is the planned format for meeting?
Unfortunately, no. Participating volunteers will not be having real time, face-to-face virtual interaction with Builders for this event. Participating volunteers will only be 'interacting' with the resumes, personal statements, and cover letters being sent to them.

This is a self-paced 'event'. When you receive the email containing your assigned resumes, cover letters, personal statements, business ideations and feedback form to complete, you will complete the feedback at your own pace. The due date to have your feedback forms complete will be sent to you.

In the future, if there is an opportunity to have a face-to-face event with this group of Builders post-pandemic, you'll be the first people we call upon! Until then, we greatly appreciate your help in reviewing these important items for them! They are critical to reentry!

• Will we be interacting in groups or one-on-one?
Neither. You will only be reviewing and giving feedback to the resumes, personal statements, cover letters, and business ideations being emailed to you.

• Will we have a chance to review our Builder’s/Builders’ info ahead of the Virtual Coaching Event?
The only information you'll need is what will be provided to you via email (resume, personal statement, cover letter, business ideation). This 'event' is self-paced, so as soon as you receive the email with your assigned articles, you can complete the accompanying form at your own pace. The due date to have your feedback forms complete will be sent to you.

• If I need help with my feedback or have questions, who should I contact?
Chantal Randall, RISE Volunteer Manager: crandall@seeusrise.org
Amanda Struble, RISE Program Associate: astruble@seeusrise.org
McKenzie Ring, RISE Storyteller + Marketing + Nerd: mring@seeusrise.org

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