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RISE Business Academy is a 12-week program focused on developing a positive business in the community. It is tailored to people and their family members 18 years of age and older, who have lived experience with the criminal justice system.

Participants walk through a rigorous process of developing a strong business plan, are partnered with a Business Coach and culminate with a business pitch competition in front of a panel of judges in order to graduate from the program.

This program promotes self-sufficiency, independence, and economic growth in our community by offering a range of support and resources for our participants to start their own businesses.

RISE founder and CEO, Jeremy Bouman, was invited to the unComfotable Conversations about Culture & Christianity podcast created by Christ Community Church.

Jeremy talks with hosts Eric and Alex about RISE's reentry organization, stigmas, social determinants, reentry, reincarceration, prison overcrowding, sentencing reform, and more.

The first in-unit cohort of the RISE In-Prison Program at the Nebraska State Penitentiary continues to be progressing well. This is a group of men living in an intentional learning community and going to class together.

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