RISE: On the Inside

Keeping RISE Close to Heart

March 30, 2020

When asked for reentry advice, a RISE Graduate in the community said, "Plan, plan, plan. Then be ready to change direction." While we see the pivot from Builders on a regular basis, 2020 brings incredible pivots we didn't expect.

What exactly is a RISE Builder? At RISE, we don't work with felons, prisoners, ex-cons, inmates or criminals - we work with people. Read more to learn about how language breaks down societal barriers and why we call our program participants, Builders.

As America is dealing with COVID-19, civil unrest and a great political division, we would be remiss to not mention that 2020 is an historical election year. Elections are important especially because the elected officials’ duties will include enacting policies that affect people who are currently and formerly incarcerated.