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RISE Omaha Gives 2020

Omaha Gives! May 20, 2020

Omaha Gives! is an annual online giving celebration for nonprofit organizations in the Omaha-Council Bluffs area! Please join RISE in celebrating this year as we work to grow philanthropy in our community on May 20, 2020!

We would LOVE for you to share about your personal experience with RISE for this years 24-hour online giving event!

Below you'll find all the things you'll need to help share the work RISE is doing! With your help, we can spread awareness about the talent we have within our Nebraska Correctional facilities and raise funds to keep our work moving forward!

Questions or need help with the RISE Omaha Gives tool kit? Send McKenzie a message!

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Update Your Profile Picture!

Update your Facebook profile image with a photo of you from a RISE event!

Get extra fancy by adding a custom RISE Omaha Gives! frame to your Facebook account! You can do that in three easy steps!

  1. Step 1
    Step 1

    Select the photo button that hovers on top of your Facebook Profile image and choose "Update Profile Picture'.

  2. Step 2
    Step 2

    2. Select "Add Frame".

  3. Step 3
    Step 3

    3. In the search bar under "Choose a Frame" type: RISE Omaha Gives! 2020

Voila! Your profile picture looks great!

Start an OG Cheer Page!

Omaha Gives (OG) Cheer Pages are a fun and personal way to encourage the community around you to support an organization you love (aka RISE)!

Feeling a little competitive? Set up an OG Cheer Page and enjoy some friendly banter with another volunteer you know to see who can fundraise the most!

Are you a student at a local university (we won't name names...wink wink) that has volunteered with RISE or heard someone from here speak? Create an OG Cheer Page and challenge a neighboring university to do the same! May the best mascot win!

Are you a local company that volunteered as a group at an in-prison event? Challenge another company for a little friendly competition with OG Cheer Pages!

Are you a part of a church or community small group? Create an OG Cheer Page together!

A few important Cheer Page Tips:
1. Set a realistic, attainable goal. $50, $100, $200, $500 are all great starters. Every dollar means so much to local, people-centered organizations like RISE!
2. Make it personal! Cheer Pages are all about your experience with RISE. Share your story. Share why RISE is important to you. Share a real interaction you had with one of our Builders (use first names only if you know it).
3. Use humanizing language. Remember, first and foremost, we work with people. We don't work with "inmates", "prisoners", "felons" or "cons". We call our program participants Builders. We work with people incarcerated in the state of Nebraska, program participants, Builders, people with criminal records, the formerly incarcerated, people who have recently reentered the community after incarceration, residents of the Nebraska Department of Corrections...but really, we simply work with all people to find freedom from cycles of incarceration.
4. Add your photos! We have thousands upon thousands of photos from RISE in-prison events for you to have as keepsakes! Please feel free to download them and use for your Cheer Pages! You can find those photos here. Need help? Send McKenzie a message!
5. Add a video! We have some event slideshows on our YouTube channel for you to use to spruce your Cheer Page up! You can access those here!

Setting up an OG Cheer Page is simple! Check out the video below for a short how-to! Need help or have questions? Send McKenzie a message!

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