RISE Reentry Program Graduation + Business Competition

Nebraska State Penitentiary Cohort 7

"Our paths haven't always been easy, but it's choices and things that we can do to make them a little bit easier. Nobody can determine where they come from, how much money they, have who their parents, are what school they go to. Whatever those things that can help boost the person in life - nobody can determine that. But what we can determine is our drive, our dedication, our discipline, our commitment to excellence. And sometimes it takes coming in here to start working on those things. So it's programs like RISE - it's people like Jeremy, Bryan, and some of the other people that help with this, that help to instill those qualities, that creates a successful person - and that successful person can contribute to society as a whole.

One of the biggest things for me, I love RISE - a lot of people who deal with it who are responsible for the curriculum and teaching it and things like that, but my biggest thing is I don't like to compete. I'm not a competition guy. I'm a creation guy. Because i feel like there's enough resources for everybody to get their due share. So that's my thing - when you are competing compete in the spirit of creation. Compete in the spirit of bringing people together united and then we can all win. We can all rise above our current circumstances."
- Brandon, RISE Graduate

"Back then I used to have like so much anger and bitterness and it broke a lot, you know. For real, like...I broke up my home, you know. I broke my home. And you know I...just by choices that I made I was alone for a long time, you know, but I got I got support and right now, like, especially with my son, my woman being here - this is the support that I got. This is this is the people that pushed me to move on and then I do it and like being here I mean I made a lot of friends in here. Friends, brothers, everybody you know. People, it's people in here that really mean something to me. It's some people who I started off having rough patches with it's some people who I've had a good relationship with, but I just want everybody in this room to know that I appreciate them and to me this really helped me, you know. This helped me want to change and do better and become something. And I mean all I can do is take it one day at a time, But thank you everybody though, everybody - RISE staff - everybody. Thank you for doing this for us and thank everybody for being here."
- Terrance, RISE Graduate

"To all the families, I hope that you guys really are proud of your loved ones and can see the potential. I know that sometimes our decisions have affected you guys negatively and impacted you in a way that none of us wanted you to be impacted. So hopefully this is a wake up call and see the potential in us all."
- Brandon, RISE Graduate

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