RISE Business Pitch Competitions and graduations are the final piece to completing the RISE program inside the Nebraska Department of Corrections. Brandon, RISE Graduate, speaks on how RISE is so much more than business. Watch and listen here!

Erica Pieper takes on new role as RISE Reentry Supervisor in late 2019!

This fall, the Nebraska Legislature’s Interim Session presented many opportunities for RISE to become more involved in policy groundwork being laid for the upcoming 2020 Legislative Session.

Mark dreams of his own food truck. Not just any food truck, but one specializing in sub sandwiches with pretzel dough bread, the finest ingredients, and a profit margin that can still provide for his family.

For many, having visitors from the outside world can be a rare occurrence. Volunteering with RISE provides an impact you might not know about! Find out what that is, here.

Before Tuesday's Business Pitch Competition and graduation, RISE had graduated 314 program graduates within the state of Nebraska. 314 men and women all looking for a different path...a different opportunity. Yesterday we added a powerhouse of 12 to that number who desired more than just an opportunity, but a change. A new life.

Much of recidivism can be traced to returning citizens reoffending during their first 100 days out because they can’t get a job, they lose confidence and hope, and often return to illegal means to earn money and survive. 89% of people in the U.S. that reoffend don’t have a job at the time they do. A job isn’t a silver bullet, but it can be the difference between reentry stability and re-incarceration.

RISE & Community Justice Center Host Louis L. Reed with #cut50 to share a special screening of Van Jones' The Redemption Project.

Have you been curious about RISE Business Pitch Competitions? If you're looking to volunteer for a powerful event in Nebraska, this might be the perfect event for you!

Join us for #cut50's Empathy Tour, hosted by RISE, the Community Justice Center, and National Organizer Louis L. Reed!

Roughly three months into the program curriculum, our Builders have been prepared for a Coaching Day. This event hosts volunteers from the community inside prison where Builders have resumes, personal statements, and business ideations reviewed and assessed. Find out more about what this powerful event entails on the blog today!

Jasmine Harris is transitioning to RISE's new Director of Public Policy and Advocacy. In this role, Jasmine's focus is to influence advocacy initiatives and advance large-scale reform.

Omaha Correctional Center RISE Builders began talking about competition in business in the month of August! As this cohort inches their way to Business Pitch Day, they are learning to navigate the advantages and disadvantages of having business competition.

Nebraska Re-entry programs like RISE help access resources in mental health including post-release anxiety. As a supporting community, we have to remember that not all scars are on the outside.

RISE Academy in Nebraska graduates its first cohort at the Lincoln Correctional Center! Hope wakes us up - inspires us to make things happen. Hope gives us the courage to change our circumstances. With this graduating class of RISE, we’re confident they’re finding a little more hope in their days.

RISE is pleased to announce it was recently awarded a grant from United Way of the Midlands. The generosity of United Way donors will help RISE’s post-release case management services ensure program graduates are connected to employment and housing opportunities.

Help our RISE Builders reenter the community with a "Welcome Home" bag!

For RISE, success isn’t measured in million dollar investments and storefronts. Success comes in understanding ones strengths, overcoming anxieties, and getting through the next “normal day”. For this success story, we show a little window into the day-to-day life of a RISE graduate who has reentered the community and is showing great success! Meet Kim.

We’re often asked for the success stories of our Builders. And we get excited to profess that we have an abundance of them! While our reentry program teaches a lot about business ideation and entrepreneurship to the men and women in the Nebraska prison system, it also teaches forgiveness, accountability and ways to heal families. And this is where we set our bar of success.

Omaha Gives!, is a year-round giving platform organized by the Omaha Community Foundation that hosts an annual 24-hour online donation drive for nonprofits in Omaha, Douglas, Sarpy and Pottawattamie counties.

The RISE Omaha Alumni Association gathered at the Nebraska Enterprise Fund to meet with Heartland B-cycle and take the CliftonStrength assessment.

RISE Nebraska graduates 14 Builders from the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women in York, Nebraska.

We're hearing RISE Omaha Builder success stories daily! We couldn't be more proud! Follow along to hear how one Builder took a small task and made a big impact on a future employer!

22 RISE graduates at the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution! Check out their progress and special day here!

Many citizens in our state will be paroling quickly over the next few years based on a federal mandate to get overcrowding down by 2020. RISE and other reentry groups are working diligently to make that transition as smooth as possible both pre-and post-release, but we need help from our community.

Volunteering with a Nebraska nonprofit like RISE is just as much about empathy and resilience as it is job creation and lowering recidivism. For us, they are synonymous. Find out what it feels like to volunteer with RISE on the blog today!