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Real Reentry: College Degrees

"The thing which I wasn’t prepared for on work release was not being able to get a job having a Bachelors Degree. I assumed I should be able to get a great job even with my felony. Wrong! A few companies liked my experience, but my felony was an automatic strike out.

I started working in a factory packaging cat and dog food while on work release. It was great experience as I learned to adapt to the outside world.

When I was officially released in August of 2019, I still had a transition to be made. I didn’t play around looking for a job and took an offer the first day because I just needed to work. That job on work release in a factory helped me with establishing boundaries and standing up for myself in a proper manner."

- RISE Graduate

The barriers to reentry are significant, even with a college degree. The discouragement is profound, but takes resilience to pick oneself up after being turned away time and time again. 

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