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Policy & Advocacy

RISE's Plan

Public policy and advocacy are integral to reducing the population of incarcerated individuals and eliminating the barriers people endure upon returning home after incarceration that fuel these high rates. RISE holds a unique position to be a major partner in progressing advocacy and policy in Nebraska that will impact individuals that have experienced its criminal justice system.

RISE’s public policy work will:

  • Create opportunities for system impacted people to have their concerns and ideas voiced and heard during the legislative process
  • Bring together people impacted by the system, organizations, and other individuals to create a coalition to work in solidarity to advocate for changes in the Nebraska criminal justice landscape and the economic and social empowerment of people impacted by the system.
  • Lobby successfully for policy and legislative changes at all levels of government that impact the daily lives of people impacted by the system and their families for economic and social outcomes that include employment, housing, transportation, education, living conditions and civic participation. 
  • Have the resources, skills, training and built capacity to maintain policy and advocacy efforts.

RISE’s public policy goals are:

  • Decreased incarcerated population in Nebraska’s correctional facilities at the state and county levels with limited entry points into the system and more effective and efficient systems for post-release supervision, parole, community corrections/work-release and reentry efforts. 
  • Improved conditions while incarcerated that include living situations, increased access to needed programming and mental and behavioral healthcare. 
  • Equitable economic and social progress for people directly impacted by the system and their families to ensure access to basic needs, opportunities, and resources that will reduce barriers to reach their full potential and increase the quality of their lives.

Upcoming Events & Articles

Nebraksa Day of Empathy

Come join RISE and other community partners in Nebraska's 4th Annual Day of Empathy! On Friday, February 24th come let your voice be heard!

This event is to create awareness and share information with our state senators about the impacts that introduced legislation has on the lives of justice-involved people. Influencing legislation with your voice and presence is critical in creating positive change.

This is your opportunity to meet with legislators to help grow their understanding through your experiences and perspectives.

Come join us to advocate for fair chance hiring and occupational licensing to remove barriers from work and career advancement; voting rights restoration; sentencing restructuring; parole and probation reform; and so much more.

The only thing missing from this day is you! Come let your voice be heard!


Blog Posts

Because we have a unicameral, the only one in the country, everyday Nebraskans are the second house. Our job is to weigh in on these important issues and let lawmakers know how these policies will impact our families, people we serve and our communities. 

The Voting Rights Restoration Coalition is composed of over 30 statewide and local organizations.  Our mission is to remove barriers to civic participation for those impacted by the criminal justice system. We want everyone to be able to access their right to vote, serve on a jury, and run for office.

Use and share this guide before heading out to the polls on election day!

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