What We Do

Mission + Values

RISE Mission:

To break the generational cycles of incarceration.

Our Vision:
That all people will find freedom from incarceration.

At RISE, transformation starts pre-release and continues post-release. Our inside/out model bridges incarceration to the community and considers all the critical steps in that journey. We prepare and train people for each phase through intensive character development, employment readiness, job creation through entrepreneurship and case management. We transform people in the community by building awareness and empathy that leads to support and opportunity.  These connections heal families, create employment pathways and lower recidivism.

RISE Values:

  • Tough Love

    Leading with unwavering love through equal parts accountability and grace. Love that recognizes second chances are given with both compassion and empowerment.

  • Withness

    Walking alongside people for personal and community betterment. Meeting people where they’re at in a current moment with empathy, encouragement, and altruism.

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset

    Challenging one's past through courage, curiosity, adaptability, and action. Building creative ways to find solutions while being an active drive in the direction of your life.

  • Grit

    Addressing obstacles head-on and setting goals despite them. Building second chances by harnessing one’s strengths, drive, and passion.

  • Rebuilding

    Guiding people in finding purpose to restore lives and develop safer communities from the inside out.