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In-Prison Program
In-Prison Program

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In-Prison Program

The RISE In-Prison Program is an intensive 6-month character development and job readiness program. We work with program participants to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset by taking ownership of their lives, developing positive relationships, and building meaningful life trajectories. 

Who can take the program?
Anyone who is currently incarcerated in a Nebraska state prison can take our 6-month program. Preference is given to people who are 1-5 years from reentry.

Where can people incarcerated take RISE's in-prison program?
Omaha Correctional Center (Omaha)
Nebraska State Penitentiary (Lincoln)
Nebraska Correctional Center for Women (York)
Tecumseh State Correctional Institution (Tecumseh)
Lincoln Correctional Center (Lincoln)
Community Correctional Center, Lincoln
Community Correctional Center, Omaha

How is the class taught?
RISE staff members facilitate engaging, discussion-based lessons every week. Builders work through a textbook and submit weekly assignments. Additionally, Peer Facilitators (graduates of the RISE program) play a key role in facilitating discussion in the classroom and mentoring RISE program participants.

How are you preparing people for reentry?
RISE offers an evidence-based program that addresses criminal thinking needs. Through our program, we empower participants to identify their own thinking errors and develop tools that lead to healthy thinking patterns and coping strategies, positive relationships and connections, and meaningful life trajectories. We help them focus on the person they are today, work with them to identify goals for their future, and provide support systems to meet their goals.

What kinds of job readiness programming is offered?
RISE takes a holistic approach to job readiness - from talking about "soft skills" such as communication and conflict management, to workplace etiquette, resumes, interview skills, and developing a career path.


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