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In-Prison Program
In-Prison Program

Reentry Services

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Reentry Services

RISE Reentry Services are available to all Graduates of the RISE In-Prison Program. The RISE Reentry Team uses a Strengths Based Case Management model that encourages program graduates to work towards their personalized goals of self-sufficiency. 

Each program graduate is assigned a RISE Reentry Specialist one year prior to their parole eligibility date in order to prepare for their release. Graduates are encouraged to identify their needs associated with housing, transportation, documents (State Identification, birth certificate), clothing, mental and physical healthcare, substance abuse support, and other considerations critical to the success of their reentry. Their assigned Reentry Specialist then provides resources and advocacy to address their self-identified needs. 

Upon release, Graduates will continue to work with their same assigned Reentry Specialist on their journey towards self-sufficiency. Progress will be tracked toward goals such as income, employment status, housing stability, food security, legal system interaction, life skills, mental and physical health, substance use, relationships, and community involvement.

RISE Reentry staff are trained to provide a supportive, encouraging, honest and accountable environment to assist the Graduate in meeting their desired level of self-sufficiency. RISE Graduates are welcome to utilize reentry services for as long as necessary, and at any point throughout their time in the community. 


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