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Director, RISE Business Academy

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Careers: Director, RISE Business Academy

Director, RISE Business Academy

Position Description
The Director of the RISE Business Academy (RBA) is responsible for the recruitment of participants, curriculum development, teaching and training in the Academy and supporting participants and their businesses both during the program and after they graduate. The successful candidate is someone who is passionate about entrepreneurship, small business creation and growth, and RISE’s mission to break generational cycles of incarceration. This position reports to the Director of Programs.

About RISE
RISE is a nonprofit organization that facilitates an innovative program for people who are currently and formerly incarcerated. The RISE program focuses on employment readiness, character development and entrepreneurship. RISE works with program graduates pre-release and post-release on reentry planning, navigating returning home to find housing and employment, and connecting them with wrap-around services and resources in the community. RISE’s vision is that all people will find freedom from cycles of incarceration.


  • Recruit RBA participants including RISE pre-release graduates and any system-impacted people in Nebraska interested in small business ownership, including family members of system-impacted people.
  • Interview and enroll RBA participants.
  • Create RBA curriculum materials and learning platform.
  • Teach and facilitate RBA classes and coach participants throughout the program.
  • Manage and grow the RBA Advisory Council, an engaged group that serve as program mentors, speakers, donors, pitch competition judges and ecosystem champions.
  • Create ongoing support processes and initiatives that incubate and help grow participant businesses after graduating from the RBA. Foster a community of peer support for program graduates and their businesses.
  • Coordinate participants, presenters, scheduling and necessary materials for the RBA.
  • Plan, execute, and teach classes for the RBA, currently a 12-week program that meets for 2 hours each Monday night. The Director will have the opportunity to decide the length of classes, meeting times and how best to deliver a first class, successful program.
  • Actively engage with existing entrepreneurship and small business programs and groups in Nebraska to recruit supporters and mentors, and connect the RBA into the broader ecosystem and available resources. Seek out strategic partners that further the goals of the RBA.
  • Review and improve business plans of participants. 
  • Explore micro-loan fund creation and management. Connect to business investors and loan entities to help RBA participant businesses secure necessary capital.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Ability to work independently and effectively in collaboration with diverse groups of people. 
  • Entrepreneurship experience and small business ownership experience preferred.
  • Teaching, facilitation and coaching experience preferred.
  • Curriculum development and delivery experience preferred.
  • Experience with online learning platforms preferred.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills. Impeccable listening skills.
  • Commitment to RISE’s vision that “all people will find freedom from cycles of incarceration.”
  • Exceptionally high level of honesty and integrity as well as being friendly, flexible, adaptable, self-aware and confident.
  • Strong organizational and time-management skills; detail-oriented with follow-through.
  • Demonstrated experience in taking initiative with the ability to be flexible in a fluid and fast-paced environment. 
  • Ability to work some evenings, weekends, and willingness to travel to different parts of Nebraska as necessary.

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