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Who We Are

Staff + Board


  • Ken Stinson – Chairman Emeritus, Peter Kiewit Sons', Inc.
  • Jeff Slobotski – Founder, Router Ventures
  • William Ochsner – President, National Everything Wholesale
  • Leah Smejkal – Senior Vice President, Operations, Dundee Bank
  • Naomi Hattaway, Director of Communications and Community Initiatives, Front Porch Investments
  • Jeremy Bouman – Founder & CEO, RISE
  • Dr. Mark Foxall Professor in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Nebraska Omaha
  • Wallace (Todd) Johnson Senior Vice President of Economic Development, Greater Omaha Chamber
  • Dan Walker - Senior Analyst, Bridges Trust
  • Jamie Berglund - Executive Director, Spark
  • Ava Thomas President and Publisher, Lincoln Journal Star
  • Carla Walker, RISE Board Ambassador
  • Bill Hobbs, RISE Board Ambassador

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